Canada is a nation of dreams for immigrants. United Nations has consistently been ranking Canada as one of the top 10 places to live in the world. In 2017, Canada was ranked as 7th in Global Happiness Index.

Canada has very positive immigration policy with intake of over 2,00,000 new immigrants each year.

Here is why you should consider immigrating to Canada

  • Free Education in Public Schools till grade 12
  • Free Medical
  • Old Age Insurance
  • Employment Insurance if you get laid off  and possibility to get chance to get cross trained or start a business.
  • Students, Skilled Immigrants, Investors and Entrepreneurs Welcome
  • Lots of opportunities for Tech/IT workers
  • Quick path to Citizenship after which it opens doors for you to work in both US/Canada as per NAFTA Agreement getting TN Visa
  • 97% of businesses in Canada are small businesses with less than 4 persons working. Very simple and straightforward process to start your business
  • Dual Citizenship is allowed.
  • You can migrate with your dependents
  • After settling, you can also bring your parents on immigration.
  • Child Care benefit to parent of every child under 18.

Why choose Canadian Universities for your education

  • Canadian Universities focus on Research and Applied knowledge
  • Group Projects, Presentations and Innovation are integral part of most universities
  • Prominent Universities have strong co-op programs
  • Canadian Bachelors degree education is very stringent and respected by companies across Canada and United States.
  • Scholarships are generally available to international students who demonstrate good grades.
  • Local companies hire students round the year for part time work and most students find full time work in Summer.
  • Canada has one of the lowest crime in universities and parents prefer to send their students to Canada over US for bachelors education.

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